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Island Honey Company

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At Island Honey® meticulous work goes into expertly gathering only the finest nectar. The nectar is nurtured night and day until it is complete in perfection. That is why we never heat or blend in anyway the hard work of our artisans. We realize this can easily destroy the benefits of this delicate essence. We bring it to you just the way our artisans intended – pure, organic, and natural. Island Honey is life’s premium honey with all its intended healthy benefits. At Island Honey we take care of the workshop and our artisans take care of the formula – a partnership made in heaven. We give credit where credit is due. Meet one of our artisans.




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Island Honey® was founded over a decade ago. We are located in Hawaii. Hawaii's clean air and water, and lush tropical flora provides an amazing locale for apiculture, an environment that produces some of the best honey in the world. Island Honey's apiaries are in rural, obscure, and protected locations throughout Hawaii. Island Honey offers a number of gourmet and premium products. We are a small business and provide only the very best in organic honey and related products. Availability and prices depend on the season, environment, demand, and of course the bees. All orders are custom packaged. Please contact us for what's currently available.

Island Honey Company

— Apiculture Magazine

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